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p>At Turn Source we are addressing the needs of the real estate industry by maximizing efficiency and enabling high level customer satisfaction with real estate document scanning services.

It’s not doubt to any Real estate attorney, Title company, Mortgage Broker, Lender or agent that perhaps the industry was partially built on contracts and paper. We have the ability to scan documents to PDF, or Tiff, then reassemble the records and return them, or securely shred the records at our customer’s discretion.

If your organization is a large lender and you’re looking to cut costs by outsourcing scanning services, we can partner with your team and help you do exactly that. If your organization is a small broker, without the infrastructure to take on a large document conversion we can help with only that. Large or small, any side of the industry we’re here to help!

Loan File Scanning Services for Mortgage Lenders and Escrow Companies

Lenders and brokers already understand the enormous quantities of documents involved in their industry and the movement of records from hand to hand. More and more professionals are looking to both but costs, find a reduction in supplies and paper, and become more technologically advanced.

It’s obvious having an alphabetically or chronologically organized archive or your client’s files right on your desktop or in a central location would make life easy, and allow you to run your company in a more organize fashion. With our loan scanning service, or digitizing services we can provide with an organized digital office that is rent free.

- There’s no need to organize the files for us, just give us a call and we can take care of everything

- Immediately locate loans by client name, loan number, or date whenever you need them.

- We can reassemble the records, or securely destroy the records after the scanning has been completed.

Lease and Contract Scanning for Property Management

Property management companies end up generating records for numerous reason aside from the usual accounts payable documents. We’re here to help with accounts payable and invoice scanning services, as well as lease and contract scanning services. It can be very helpful for audits, and filing tax, or to understand important dates. We can scan documents to PDF and index by lessee name, data, or any other field of information requested.

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