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With our patient record scanning services, we’re able to help facilitate HIPAA compliance and increase efficiency for providers and insurers alike. Most provider’s planning to implement, or have already taken the leap to an electronic medical record (EMR) system.

This is always good news, but oftentimes practices are left with cabinets, and walls of paper records that need to be held for varying periods of time. This is where we can help with medical record scanning services by digitizing patient records to electronic files to centralize all records in one system.

Patient Chart Scanning for Doctor’s Offices with an EMR

We have seen several current and digital practices that have been taken over by a colleague, or a practice that has been acquired and left. We can help in these situations by scanning patient charts and importing the patient’s images into the system, even remotely from our office.

This way doctors and staff can take full advantage of the EMR system, and increase the overall efficiency of the office.

HIPAA Certified Scanning Services

Every time we enter a project with a covered entity, we help establish a Business Associate Agreement that lays out the privacy and security procedures we will follow to ensure HIPAA Compliance.

We have trained, and continue our training as new information becomes available to ensure we a HIPAA Certified Scanning Company altogether.

HIPAA Compliant Scanning Company

Many medical offices love the fact that during the patient record scanning process we’re able to provide them a copy of a record in under an hour should a patient arrive unexpected, or request access to the charts.

It’s also very important to us as it part of being a HIPAA compliant scanning company to ensure this for patients, and we do it at no additional cost to you.

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