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Bulk or Archival Document Scanning Services

Archival or Bulk Document Scanning Services is a classification of our scanning services that makes sense for organizations with a large volume of documents. Because of our varying customer’s needs, and therefore our services as far as complexity.

We will work to create a process to match their particular needs, and sometimes the need is cost. We find that some of our customers are seeking a service that is much less comprehensive than even the standard protocol, or they are looking to leave their current records storage company due to retrieval and monthly fees. Our bulk scanning services is often a solution to help finally make that transition, being lower in cost but never in quality.

- Find and locate records Immediately

- Cut cost of document storage facilities

- Secure Documents for long term storage

Low Cost Document Scanning Services

We have the drive and ambition to help organizations finally go paperless, even when they’ve either been scared of in the past or just thought it wasn’t yet feasible. Believe it or not we are creating more paper today than we ever have in the past and that is a scary thought. So, we want to help. We’re able to provide low cost document Imaging and scanning solutions because we understand the fundamentals of the process, automation with technology, and match our process to our customer’s needs. Never more, never less.

We at Turn Source Imaging have the technology and processes in place to provide some of the, if not the lowest priced document scanning services across the Southern California without compromising quality. Some of our scanners have the ability to reach 220 pages per minute. Organizations who have been benefiting from scanning service providers since the 90’s could be paying very high rates, along with additional fees that not only no longer exist today, but have become an antiquated way of billing for services in general.

If you and your organization have used document scanning services in the past, reach out to us to see what you can begin saving by going with us. We offer both low per page rates, and low per box rates, depending on our customer and the type of project we are doing.

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