Back-File Document Scanning

So, we’ve been able to implement the new software system and now going forward we’ll be reaping the benefits of being a digital organization… But wait, what are we going to do with our cabinets and mountains of records that are all paper that are still very important to us and we still can’t find anything?

If you are asking yourself this question, do not be alarmed. In fact, this situation happens quite often across every industry in the process of moving to a paperless environment, and we’re here to help.

Back file scanning is the process of scanning, or converting the back log of documents into a usable and retrievable digital format to fit into your new software system that your staff can access just like the new records archived in your current day forward process.

Now, you’re asking yourself… Do we have the resources to accomplish this in a timely, and consistent manner? Will we be hurting our current business operations? This is where we come in.

Whether it is completed at your facility or ours, we work with each client to thoroughly understand their needs before proposing a single solution. Every business is unique, and our consultants have an array of experience with organizations in every industry and size. In this industry there isn’t a one size fits all, and an initial meeting will help everyone understand the most practical proceed, specs, services, and timeline to the project off the ground, and out of the way.

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