Scanning Solutions for Auto dealers


Deal Packet Scanning Solutions for Auto Dealers

Finally, a way out! Out of the strong grasp of record storage facilities. Imagine having all of the documents immediately available for customer inquiries and never paying for your own file to be retrieved again. Our deal jacket scanning services are some of the most beneficial services to dealerships today finally cutting costs of burdensome storage. This is due to our processes and technology we are able to cost effectively, help large dealerships and auto groups truly become the showroom they would like to be.

We understand that in a deal packet there’s an array of documents ranging from small DMV slips to lease and financing sales contracts, and credit applications. With our technology small and regular letter size sheet and long sales contract scanning is done without a sweat... More and more dealerships are able to completely go digital with our document scanning services and forever get away from storage companies fees at every chance they can get.

We able to Index the records by vehicle VIN, Sales order number, Date, and customer name so that your staff from anywhere, whether it’s across multiple showrooms can access records instantaneously.

As regulatory oversight becomes more intensified, along with the demand of customer experience, it’s a no brainer deal jacket scanning and service/repair order scanning is taken more seriously.

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