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Legal and Casefile Scanning Services for Attorneys

Law offices and Attorneys generate large amounts of documents pertaining to current and closed casefiles of their work. Some attorneys find it difficult to work with a software system in comparison to having the paper records, or see little benefit in attempting to begin the process of digitizing case files that could be years, or decades old. However, here at Turn Source we make the daunting task of digitizing legal documents an effortless move. Some of the benefits include:

- Reclaiming your Office Space

- Staff efficiency and organization

- Creating an archive of your cases

- Confidentiality of files

Affordable Scanning Services for Attorneys

With the help of our experienced document conversion services professionals we’re able to quickly convert paper records of cases to PDF. We can process PDF’s with bates labeling based on your choice and include the information in the filename as well.

The cases can then be OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) so that keywords can be searched within the records as well as added bates labels, or bates numbering. This type of document scanning services is one of the most cost efficient scanning services available today. Regardless of the size of your firm you can always benefit from scanning services.

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